Church teams

Join a team

By serving in a church team you help build the church.


Teams are the groups that operate during church service

1. Worship team: inspiring people to worship God

2. Cooking team: prepare lunch for the whole church. trained volunteers and their assistants work hard during 1st service to prepare lunch

3. Welcome team: greet and welcome people with a smile

4.Coffee team: love to serve people, breakfast snacks and warm drinks available for free

5. Children’s church, kids church: they are looking after children during sharing of the Word

6. Sound control team: they ensure the public address system works well

7. Facilities management team: help with arranging chairs and tables for the services

8. Visual projection team: look after projection on screen, songs, videos, dvd

9. Security team: they make sure that safety of our church members comes first

10. Driving team: we are always in need of more volunteers in the driving team, to bring people to and from church programmes